Jackass Canyon
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  JK-8.
Creek flowing from south of Cave Point in Mt. Diablo State Park east into Tassajara Creek in Riggs Canyon.

Jackass Point
Easternmost tip of Jersey Island, where Taylor Slough meets Piper Slough.

Jack London Elementary School
Public elementary school in Antioch.
4550 Country Hills Dr, Antioch CA 94509.
Antioch Unified School District.

Jack London Square
The heart of the historic port of Oakland, at the foot of Broadway. Developed by the Port of Oakland as a tourist attraction and recreation area with restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, and waterfront features.
Marketing and Leasing office.  Tel: (510) 208-4646.  http://www.jacklondonsq.com/

Jack London Village
Shopping center at southeast end of Jack London Square in Oakland.
30 Jack London Sq, Oakland CA 94607.  Tel: (510) 893-7956.

Jackson-Amador Center
Shopping center in Hayward at W Jackson St & Amador St.

Jackson Avenue Elementary School
Public elementary school in Livermore.
554 Jackson Ave, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 606-4717.  http://www.lvjusd.k12.ca.us/Schools/Jackson/jackson.html
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.

Jackson Grade
Short multiuse trail in Chabot Regional Park near Stone Bridge.

Jackson Park
Alameda city park at 2450 Encinal Ave.

Jackson Slough
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  C-2. 
Extends from Sacramento River to Sevenmile Slough, separating Brannan Island from Andrus Island.

Jack Williams Park
Park in Livermore at Pulsar Ave & Regulus Rd.
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District.

Jacobsen Park
Antioch city park on Jacobsen St south of Gaylord Sports Fields.

James Graham Elementary School
See Graham Elementary School.

James H Turner Dam
See San Antonio Reservoir.

James Kenney Park
Berkeley city park on 8th St between Delaware St and Virginia St.
Site of James Kenney Recreation Center.  Tel: (510) 644-8511.

James L Bunker Elementary School
See Bunker Elementary School.

James Leitch Elementary School
See Leitch Elementary School.

James Logan High School
Public high school in Union City.
1800 H St, Union City CA 94587.  Tel: (510) 471-2520.  http://www.jlhs.nhusd.k12.ca.us/
New Haven Unified School District

James Monroe School
See Monroe School.

James "Sunny Jim" Rolph Bridge
See Bay Bridge.

Jane Addams Pre-School
Private school in Livermore.
1310 Murdell Ln, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 373-5738.

Japanese Gardens
On N 3rd St near Crescent Ave in Hayward.
Gardens, rentable wedding site, restrooms, parking.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

J Arthur Younger Freeway
Hwy 92 from Hwy 280 above Belmont to Hwy 880 in Hayward, including the San Mateo Bridge.

Jarvis Landing
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  D-5. 
This early boat landing was located in the general area of the current intersection of Marshlands Rd & Thornton Ave. (Until the new Dumbarton Bridge was built in 1984, Hwy 84 to the bridge followed Thornton Ave which continued into the present Marshlands Rd to the bridge (a very short distance south of the new bridge.)

Jefferson Playground
San Leandro city playground at 14311 Lark St.

Jefferson School
Public elementary school in Berkeley.  Until 1993 was a K-3 school.
1400 Ada St, Berkeley CA 94702.  Tel: (510) 644-6298.
Berkeley Unified School District.

Public elementary school in San Leandro.
14311 Lark St, San Leandro CA 94578.  Tel: (510) 667-3581.  http://www.sanleandro.k12.ca.us/jefferson/jefferson.htm
A Children's Center also is located here.  Tel: (510) 667-3588.
San Leandro Unified School District.

Jefferson Square Recreation Center
Oakland city recreation center at 645 7th St.  Tel: (510) 893-6242.

Jeremiah Trail
Unpaved multiuse trail in Morgan Territory Regional Park.

Jersey Island
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  D-1. 
Delta island protected by levees, located in Contra Costa County south of the San Joaquin River, east of Big Break, and west of Bethel Island.
Access from Oakley on E Cypress Rd and Jersey Island Rd.
Birding by Richmond, p. 34.

Jewel Lake
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  C-4,5.
Small reservoir on Wildcat Creek in Tilden Nature Area.
Access from Environmental Education Center on Jewel Lake Trail.
Elevation 510 ft.
Originally part of a water system, but now only a nature pond, slowly silting up.
Birding by Richmond, pp 115-116.

Jewel Lake Trail
A gentle 0.9-mile loop trail from the Tilden Nature Area Environmental Education Center past Jewel Lake and back along the extension of Wildcat Creek Trail to the EEC.
A booklet for this self-guided nature trail is available for a small fee at the EEC.
Birding by Richmond, pp 115-116 (NOTE: What Richmond calls the "Jewel Lake Trail" is in fact Lower Packrat Trail).

Jewish Cemetery
4550 Piedmont Ave, Oakland CA 94611.

J Haley Durham Elementary School
See Durham Elementary School.

Jill Creek
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  G-6.
Flows from near Grapevine picnic area on Summit Rd southwest into Mountain Home Creek in Mt. Diablo State Park.

Joaquin Miller Park
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  B-4.  East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  C-2,3 (as "C of O JM").
Oakland city park preserving poet Joaquin Miller's home The Hights.
Access on Sanborn Dr from Joaquin Miller Rd.
Additions since Miller's time include Woodminster Theatre, Perry Field, Sequoia Arena, and Chabot Observatory & Science Center.
3101 Joaquin Miller Rd, Oakland CA 94611.  Tel: (510) 232-7100.

Joe Michell Elementary School
See Michell Elementary School.

John Baldwin School
Public elementary school in Danville.
741 Brookside Dr, Danville CA 94526.  Tel: (925) 552-5670.  http://www.jbes.srvusd.k12.ca.us/
San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

John Blacow Elementary School
See Blacow Elementary School.

John B Williams Freeway
Hwy 980 in Oakland. Named in 1977 for an Oakland community leader.

John F Baldwin Park
Concord city park at 1950 Parkside Dr.

John F Kennedy Elementary School
Public elementary school in Newark.
35430 Blackburn Dr, Newark CA 94560.  Tel: (510) 794-2027.   http://www.nusd.k12.ca.us/nusd/ourschl/Kennedy.htm
Newark Unified School District.

John F Kennedy Park
(1) Richmond city park at 41st St & Cutting Blvd.  Tel: (510) 620-6792.

Park in Hayward at 19501 Hesperian Blvd.
Picnic facilities, group picnic area, play area, tennis courts, horseshoe courts, lawns, petting zoo, rides, train, restrooms, parking.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

John F McCarthy Memorial Bridge
See Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

John G Mattos Elementary School
See Mattos Elementary School.

John Hinkel Park
Berkeley city park on Southampton Ave between San Diego Rd & Somerset Pl.
Small hillside amphitheater was once home of Berkeley Shakespeare Festival (now California Shakespeare Festival).

John Hubert Davis Park
San Pablo city park at 17th St & Folsom Ave.

John M Horner Junior High School
See Horner Junior High School.

John Muir Elementary School
Public elementary school in Antioch.
615 Greystone Dr, Antioch CA 94509.  Tel: (925) 706-4120.
Antioch Unified School District.
Public elementary school in Martinez.
205 Vista Way, Martinez CA 94553.  Tel: (925) 313-0470.   http://intergate.cccoe.k12.ca.us/martinez/jmuir/jmuir.htm
Martinez Unified School District.
See also John Muir School.

John Muir Medical Center
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  B-3 (as "John Muir Hospital").
1601 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Walnut Creek CA 94598.  Tel: (925) 939-3000.

John Muir Middle School
Public middle school in San Leandro.
1444 Williams St, San Leandro CA 94577.  Tel: (510) 667-3570.   http://www.sanleandro.k12.ca.us/muir/muir.htm
San Leandro Unified School District.

John Muir National Historic Site
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  A-4,5.  East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  H-1.
On Alhambra Ave just north of Hwy 4 in Martinez.
4202 Alhambra Ave, Martinez CA 94553.  Tel: (925) 228-8860.  http://www.nps.gov/jomu/
Muir's home and orchards.  The Martinez Adobe.  Self-guided tour.  Film on Muir's life.

John Muir Nature Area
Portion of northern Briones Regional Park near the Briones Rd entrance, including the Sindicich and Maricich Lagoons.
Birding by Richmond, p. 23.

John Muir Park
Martinez city park on Vista Way just east of Pine St.

John Muir Parkway
Hwy 4 between Hwy 80 in Hercules and Hwy 680 in Martinez.  This is an unofficial name.

John Muir School
Public elementary school in Berkeley.
2955 Claremont Ave, Berkeley CA 94705.  Tel: (510) 644-6410.
Berkeley Unified School District.

Public elementary school in Hayward.
24823 Soto Rd, Hayward CA 94544.  Tel: (510) 293-8575.
See also John Muir Elementary School.

John Muir School Park
2925 Claremont Ave, Berkeley CA 94705.
Park near John Muir Elementary School maintained jointly by the city of Berkeley and the Berkeley Unified School District.

See Wade Johnson Park.

Johnson's Landing
In 1854, John Johnson built levees around natural pools in the East Bay salt marshes to create the first salt evaporation ponds, the beginning of a major industry of salt harvesting. His landing was located at what would be the foot of the modern Seal St (extension of Sleepy Hollow Ave) if the streets continued out into the marsh today. It is readily accessible by trail from the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center in Hayward Regional Shoreline.

John Swett Elementary School
Public elementary school in Martinez.
4955 Alhambra Valley Rd, Martinez CA 94553.  Tel: (925) 313-0400.  http://intergate.cccoe.k12.ca.us/martinez/jswett/jswett.htm
Martinez Unified School District.

John Swett High School
Public high school in Crockett.
1098 Pomona Ave, Crockett CA 94525.  Tel: (510) 787-1088.  http://www.cccoe.k12.ca.us/jswett/johnswett-hs/
John Swett Unified School District.

John T Knox Freeway
Hwy 580 from the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge through Richmond to the junction with Hwy 80 in Albany. Named in 1980 in honor of a former state legislator.

Jordon Pond
Lagoon created by damming of Dry Creek near southern boundary of Garin Regional Park. Fishing permitted (there is a fishing pier). A short walk from the visitor center.

Joseph Azevada Elementary School
See Azevada Elementary School.

Joshua Chabourne Elementary School
See Chadbourne Elementary School.

Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-6 (unmarked)  and  C-9 (inset).
Picnic area in Mt. Diablo State Park at junction of North Gate Rd, South Gate Rd, and Summit Rd.

Junction Avenue Middle School
Public middle school in Livermore.
298 Junction Ave, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 606-4720.  http://www.lvjusd.k12.ca.us/Schools/Junction/junction.html
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.

Junction Campground
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-6 (unlabeled)  and  C-10 (inset).
Family campground in Mt. Diablo State Park at junction of North Gate Rd, South Gate Rd, and Summit Rd.

Junior Center of Art and Science
Provides classes, workshops, and exhibits for ages 3 through 16. Has been at this location since about 1992, before that was located in Mosswood Park for 38 years. Located between Lake Merritt Boating Center and Rotary Nature Center.
558 Bellevue Ave, Oakland CA 94610.  Tel: (510) 839-5777. 

Juniper Campground
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-5.
Family campground in Mt. Diablo State Park on Summit Rd at intersection with Deer Flat Rd.

Juniper Lodge
Building in Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Tilden Regional Park.

Juniper Trail
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-5,6.
Hiking trail in Mt. Diablo State Park, extending from Deer Flat Rd on slope below Juniper Campground to meet Summit Trail at its intersection with Summit Rd.

See Las Juntas.