Galindo Creek
Flows northeast through California State University Hayward Contra Costa Campus, then northwest through Newhall Community Park and Markham Nature Area, crosses the Contra Costa Canal, and eventually joins Pine Creek in northwestern Concord.

Gansberger Park
Park in Hayward at Calaroga Ave & Kay Ave.
Picnic facilities, play area, lawns.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Garber Park
Oakland city park on Claremont Ave in Claremont Canyon.

Garfield Municipal Playground
Oakland city playground at 2260 Foothill Blvd.

Garfield School
Public year-round elementary school in San Leandro.
13050 Aurora Dr, San Leandro CA 94577.  Tel: (510) 667-3580.  http://www.sanleandro.k12.ca.us/garfield/garfield.htm
San Leandro Unified School District.

Garfield Year Round School
Public elementary school in Oakland.
1640 22nd Ave, Oakland CA 94606.  Tel: (510) 879-1180. 
Oakland Unified School District.

Garin Barn
See Red Barn.

Garin Elementary School
Public elementary school in Brentwood.
250A 1st St, Brentwood CA 94513.  Tel: (925) 634-5252.  http://www.brentwood.k12.ca.us/garin/welcome.html
Brentwood School District.

Garin Peak
In northern Garin Regional Park adjacent to Vista Peak. Access by Vista Peak Loop Trail.
Elev 948 ft.

Garin Regional Park
Former ranchland in the hills of east Hayward, with the Red Barn (visitor center) containing a blacksmith shop and exhibits about ranching history in the area (open weekends only). There also are picnic facilities and a large turfed playing field that can be used for softball and other games. Naturalists based at Coyote Hills Regional Park lead activities here.
Trails from Garin provide access to Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park to the southeast.
Access from Mission Blvd (Hwy 238) via Garin Ave.
East Bay Regional Park Districthttp://www.ebparks.org/parks/garin.htm
The Garin family ranch covered a large area, including the present site of California State University, Hayward (where a stage coach stop was located). Apricots were a major crop of the ranch.

Garin Woods Trail
Hiking/equestrian trail in Garin Regional Park.

Garnet Point
DeLorme Northern California  p.95  D-5.
At the northwestern tip of Ryer Island, between Grizzly Bay and Suisun Bay.

Garretson Middle School
Public middle school in Rodeo.
545 Garretson Ave, Rodeo CA 94572.  Tel: (510) 799-4489.

Garretson Point
Extends into San Leandro Bay in Oakland just south of Damon Slough, in Martin Luther King Jr Regional Shoreline. Access from the northwest end of Edgewater Dr. Parking, restrooms, telephone, and trail access.
Birding by Richmond, p. 102.

Garretson Point Trail
Paved multiuse trail in Martin Luther King Jr Regional Shoreline extending from Garretson Point to connect via the Elmhurst Creek Trail with the San Leandro Creek Trails and Arrowhead Marsh Trail.

Garrity Creek
Flows from near Hilltop Green Park in Richmond into San Pablo Bay just north of the Richmond border.

Gateway Center
Shopping center in San Ramon at San Ramon Valley Blvd & Westside Dr.

Gateway Plaza
(1) Shopping center in Hayward at W Harper Rd & Santa Clara St.
Shopping center in Fremont at Paseo Padre Pky & Mowry Ave.

Gateway Square
Shopping center in Pleasanton at Hopyard Rd & Stoneridge Dr.

Gaylord Sports Fields
On Jacobsen St at Hargrove St in Antioch.

Geary Road
Paved road leading from Calaveras Rd to Visitor Center and Alameda Grove in Sunol Regional Wilderness. The unpaved extension of this road to Camp Ohlone is now known as Camp Ohlone Rd. Pat and Mary Ann Geary settled in 1865 on a quarter-section of land that they had purchased from the US Government. Their cabin was on what is now called Indian Joe Creek, about 0.5 mile upstream from Alameda Creek. After their 10 surviving children were grown, the Gearys moved into the cabin now used as Wilderness headquarters, which had been built (along with the Old Green Barn) by their eldest son Maurice. During the 1930s, the Geary ranch was purchased (along with others) by Willis Brinker, whose large ranch became Sunol Regional Wilderness after he died fighting a fire here in 1959.

Gehringer Elementary School
Public elementary school in Knightsen.
4951 Main St, Knightsen CA 94561.  Tel: (925) 625-7070.

Gehringer Park
On W Bolton Rd west of Main St in Knightsen.

Gentrytown Park
Antioch city park at west end of Monterey Dr (near Palo Verde Way).

George Florence Mini-Park
Berkeley city park on 10th St between Addison St and Alston Way.

George Miller Jr Bridge
See Benicia-Martinez Bridge.

George M Sillman Recreation Complex
Newark city recreation area.
6500 Mowry Ave, Newark CA 94560.

George P Miller Elementary School
See Miller Elementary School.

Georgiana Slough
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  C-2. 
Extends from Sacramento River to Mokelumne River, separating Andrus Island and Tyler Island.

Old town in unincorporated Contra Costa County just southeast of Parchester Marsh, serving mostly as a company town for the Giant Powder Company at Pinole Point.  Now part of Richmond.

Gibraltar Rock
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-7.
On South Gate Rd in Mt. Diablo National Park on the north slope of Fossil Ridge near Rock City.

Gillespie Point
DeLorme Northern California  p.95  D-5.  Thomas 1997  p.552  J-2 (unlabeled).
The eastern end of Roe Island in Suisun Bay.

Gillespie Youth Camp
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  E-6.
A group camping site in Tilden Nature Area on Tower Trail.
Reservations (for organized youth groups only) must be made 14 days in advance.  Tel: (510) 636-1684.

Gingerbread Preschool
Thomas 1997  p.714  E-2 (unmarked).
Public preschool in Pleasanton.
4333 Black Ave, Pleasanton CA 94566.  Tel: (925) 484-8173.
City Dept of Parks & Community Services.

Gino Marchetti Park
Thomas Contra Costa  p.20  B-5.  Thomas 1997  p.574  HJ-6.
Antioch city park at east end of Belle Dr.

Girls' Camp
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  C-2.
Reservable campsite for organized youth groups along Stream Trail in Redwood Regional Park. Reservations: (510) 636-1684.
Picnic sites, restrooms, and water open to public.

Glankler Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.753  B-7 (unmarked).
Public elementary school in Fremont.
39207 Sundale Dr, Fremont CA 94538.  Tel: (510) 651-1190.
Fremont Unified School District.

Glassbrook School
Thomas 1997  p.711  J-6 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Hayward.
975 Schafer Rd, Hayward CA 94546.  Tel: (510) 293-8505.  Fax: (510) 782-8796.

Glenbrook Middle School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.13  E-6 (as "Mid").  Thomas 1997  p.572  F-6 (as "Mid").
Public middle school in Concord.
2351 Olivera Rd, Concord CA 94520.  Tel: (925) 685-6835.
Mt Diablo Unified School District.

Glen Echo Creek
Once flowed in Oakland from area near Moraga Ave exit from Hwy 13 through present Mountain View Cemetery (hence it was sometimes called Cemetery Creek), then running a block or two southeast of Piedmont Ave, and finally south into the northwestern arm of Lake Merritt. Today most of the creek is underground in storm drains, but small stretches of creek remain, particularly in Glen Echo Creek Park and Oak Glen Park.

Glen Echo Creek Park
Thomas 1997  p.649  J-1.
Oakland city park along Glen Echo Creek between Monte Vista Ave and Montell St..

Glen Frazier
Unincorporated area of Contra Costa County southwest of Martinez near Franklin Canyon Rd & McHarry Ranch Rd.

Glenmoor Center
Thomas 1997  p.752  H-5.
Shopping center in Fremont at 4551 Eggers Dr.  Tel: (510) 793-4030.

Glenmoor Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.752  H-5 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Fremont.
4620 Mattos Dr, Fremont CA 94536.  Tel: (510) 797-0130.
Fremont Unified School District.

Glenview School
Thomas 1997  p.650  D-4 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Oakland.
4215 La Cresta Ave, Oakland CA 94602.  Tel: (510) 879-1190. 
Oakland Unified School District.

Glider Hill
Hilltop of the Coyote Hills in Coyote Hills Regional Park.

Glider Hill Trail
Short hiking trail in Coyote Hills Regional Park.

Glorietta Elementary School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.71  B-6,7.  Thomas 1997  p.631  A-2.
Public elementary school in Orinda.
15 Martha Rd, Orinda CA 94563.  Tel: (925) 254-8770.  http://www.orinda.k12.ca.us/glorietta.html
Orinda Union School District.

G M Walters Junior High School
See Walters Junior High School.

Goat Road
Thomas 1997  p.570  CD-6 (unlabeled).  East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  E-1.
Unpaved fire road & hiking trail (permit required) in East Bay Municipal Utility District lands in Contra Costa County just southeast of Hercules.
A portion of this road connecting Simas Rd to Ridge Rd is a part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

Godfrey Park
Thomas 1997  p.670  B-6.
Alameda city park at Beach Rd & Seminary Ave on Bay Farm Island.

Goethels Canyon
Thomas Contra Costa  p.54  CD-5.  Thomas 1997  p.614  CD-2.
Creek flowing generally west from Keller Ridge into Mt. Diablo Creek near northeast corner of Mt. Diablo State Park.

Gold Creek
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  C-6.  Thomas 1997  p.693  G-7.
Flows northwestward from northwestern end of Main Ridge through northwestern Pleasanton into Alamo Canal.

Golden Gate
The narrow and deep channel between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, bounded by the Marin Headlands on the north and by San Francisco on the south, and spanned by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Academy
Thomas 1997  p.650  G-4 (unlabeled).
Seventh Day Adventist school in Oakland, grades 1-12, about 200 students. Founded in 1923.
3800 Mountain Blvd, Oakland CA 94619.  Tel: (510) 531-0110.  Fax: (510) 531-9434. 

Golden Gate Fields
DeLorme Northern California  p.104  AB-3.  Thomas Contra Costa  p.67  C-3,4.  Thomas 1997  p.609  C-6.
Horse racing track and betting facilities at Fleming Point in western Albany.
The track was built on marshland filled with material taken from the top of Fleming Point, which had been a small hill (the grandstands are located on the leveled hill).

Golden Gate School
Thomas 1997  p.629  F-5 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Oakland.
6200 San Pablo Ave, Oakland CA 94608.  Tel: (510) 879-1200.
Oakland Unified School District.

Golden Gate Village
See Emeryville.

Golden Hills Park
Thomas Contra Costa  p.44  C-4.  Thomas 1997  p.591  G-3.
Martinez city park at Reliez Valley Rd and Corte Briones in southern Martinez.

Goldenrod Trail
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  E-6.
Unpaved multiuse trail along western edge of Chabot Regional Park.

Golden Spike Trail
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  C-3.
Hiking/equestrian trail along southern edge of Redwood Regional Park.

Golden State Model Railroad Museum
Located in Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline.
900 Dornan Dr, Richmond CA 94801.  Tel: (510) 234-4884.
East Bay Regional Park District.

Golden View School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.102  C-1 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.653  G-7 (unlabeled).
Public elementary (K-6) school in San Ramon.
5025 Canyon Crest Dr, San Ramon CA 94583.  Tel: (925) 735-0555.  http://www.gvies.srvusd.k12.ca.us/
San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Golf Club at Bethel Island, The
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  D-1 (as "1055").  Thomas Contra Costa  p.31  C-1 (as "The Island Club").  Thomas 1997  p.577  E-3.
3303 Gateway Rd, Bethel Island CA 94511.  Tel: (925) 684-2654.

Golf Course Trail
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  D-6.
Unpaved multiuse trail in Tilden Regional Park, extending from Golf Course Dr to South Park Dr, south of Tilden Park Golf Course.

Golf Gate
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  D-6.
Entrance to Tilden Regional Park at Golf Course Dr / Centennial Dr & Grizzly Peak Blvd.

Gomes Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.753  E-4 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Fremont.
555 Lemos Ln, Fremont CA 94539.  Tel: (510) 656-3414. 
Fremont Unified School District.

Gomes Park
Thomas 1997  p.753  E-4.
Fremont city park at Lemos Ln & Chiltern Dr.

Gossip Rock
Thomas 1997  p.732  J-2 (unmarked).
In Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park. Access from High Ridge Loop Trail.

Government Island
See Coast Guard Island.

Government Road
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  EF-4,5.
Fire road and multiuse trail just north of Mt. Diablo State Park, extending from Red Rd in Arroyo del Cerro near North Gate Rd up the ridge to connect with Burma Rd on Long Ridge at the park boundary.

Governor Edmund G Brown California Aqueduct
See California Aqueduct.

Graham Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.752  D-6 (unlabeled).
Public elementary (K-6) school in Newark. Built in 1960. The largest elementary school in Newark (645 students).
36270 Cherry St, Newark CA 94560.  Tel: (510) 794-2023.   http://www.nusd.k12.ca.us/nusd/ourschl/Graham.htm
Newark Unified School District.
Named for James A Graham.

Graham Trail
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  C-3.
Unpaved multiuse trail in the Roberts Regional Recreation Area of Redwood Regional Park.

Granada High School
Thomas 1997  p.715  E-2.
Public high school in Livermore.
400 Wall St, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 606-4800.   http://www.lvjusd.k12.ca.us/Schools/Granada/granada.html
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.

Grand Marina
Thomas 1997  p.649  J-7 (as "Grand Harbor").
In Alameda Harbor.
2099 Grand St, Alameda CA 94501.  Tel: (510) 865-1200.

Grangers' Wharf
The area of Martinez Regional Shoreline located west of the creek and mudflats. Parking and access are at the end of Berrellesa Street, or head west across the bridges from the main parking lot.

Grangers' Wharf Loop Trail
Unpaved multiuse trail in Martinez Regional Shoreline.

Grant Elementary School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.37  E-1 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.588  H-5 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Richmond.
2400 Downer Ave, Richmond CA 94804.  Tel: (510) 232-4736.
West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Grant Elementary School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.56  E-1 (unmarked).  Thomas 1997  p.595  H-1 (unmarked).
4325 Spaulding Dr, Antioch CA 94509.  Tel: (925) 706-5271.
Antioch Unified School District.

Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-6 (unlabeled)  and  C-8 (inset).
Picnic area on Summit Rd at Jill Creek in Mt. Diablo State Park.

Grass Valley
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  B-5.
Upper valley of Grass Valley Creek in Chabot Regional Park. This wide, open, grassland valley has been steadily taken over by coyote brush since cattle grazing was stopped in the valley.

Grass Valley Creek
Thomas 1997  p.671  E-1 (as "Green Valley Creek").  East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  E-6.
Flows from northern Chabot Regional Park south into Bass Cove of Lake Chabot (originally into San Lorenzo Creek). Named for its wide, open upper valley where coyote brush has been replacing grassland since cattle were removed. The lower course of the creek is a steep canyon including one of only three substantial waterfalls in the East Bay Hills.

Grass Valley School
Thomas 1997  p.671  E-4 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Oakland.
4720 Dunkirk Ave, Oakland CA 94605.  Tel: (510) 879-1220.
Oakland Unified School District.

Grass Valley Staging Area
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  E-5 (unlabeled).
Entrance to Chabot Regional Park where Skyline Blvd becomes Grass Valley Rd. Parking, water, access to Goldenrod Trail.

Grass Valley Trail
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  E-5.
Unpaved multiuse trail in Chabot Regional Park, extending from Bort Meadow Staging Area along Grass Valley Creek to Stone Bridge. Part of the Bay Ridge Trail and the East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail.

Grayson Creek
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  A-5.  Thomas Contra Costa  p.13  B-5,6.  Thomas 1997  p.572  C-5,6.
Flows from western Pleasant Hill east and then north into Pacheco Slough and thence into Suisun Bay.

Greathouse Portal
The original entrance (now barred) to the mine now used as the Underground Mining Museum at Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.

Great Stoneface Park
Berkeley city park at The Alameda & Yosemite Rd.

Great Valley
See Central Valley.

Greek Theatre
Thomas Contra Costa  p.68  C-6.  Thomas 1997  p.629  J-1.
On Gayley Rd at Stadium Rimway on the campus of University of California - Berkeley.
Tel: (510) 642-0527.

Green Barn
See Old Green Barn.

Greenbelt Trails
Thomas 1997  p.712  E-3 (as "Greenbelt Park").
Linear park along hiking/riding trails in Ward Creek Canyon, Hayward. Access from Campus Dr (?) near Oakes Dr (?).
Picnic facilities and trails.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Greenbrook School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.98  E-7 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.653  C-6 (unlabeled).
Public elementary (K-5) school in Danville.
1475 Harlan Dr, Danville CA 94526.  Tel: (925) 552-5550.  http://www.ges.srvusd.k12.ca.us/
San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Green Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.773  D-2 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Fremont.
42875 Gatewood St, Fremont CA 94538.  Tel: (510) 656-6411.
Fremont Unified School District.
Named for Harvey Green.

Greenhouse Marketplace
Thomas 1997  p.691  C-6.
Shopping center in San Leandro at 15000 Washington Ave.

Greenman Recreational Field
Thomas 1997  p.670  F-3.
Oakland city park near 66th Ave & Lucille St.

Green Ranch
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  I-6.
At Meridian Flat in Mt. Diablo State Park, accessed from Summit Rd by Green Ranch Rd.

Green Ranch Road
Thomas Contra Costa  p.81  E-1 (as "59-8").  Thomas 1997  p.633  J-2 (as "59-8").  Mount Diablo Trail Map  HI-6  and  D-8 (inset).
In Mt. Diablo State Park, extending from Summit Rd to Meridian Flat - a paved auto road for a short distance past Pioneer Horse Camp and the remainder a fire road and multiuse trail.

Greenridge Park
Thomas 1997  p.692  E-2.
Park in unincorporated area of Alameda County east of Castro Valley, off Crow Canyon Rd at 6108 Greenridge Rd.
Picnic facilities, play area, hiking/riding trails, basketball courts, horseshoe courts, lawns, restrooms, parking.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Green Valley
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  B-6.  Mt. Diablo Trail Map  FG-8.
The valley of upper Green Creek and lower East Branch Green Valley Creek, including the town of Diablo.

Green Valley Creek
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  B-6.  Mt. Diablo Trail Map  E-7,8.
Flows from west of Pine Ridge in Mt. Diablo State Park south to join East Branch Green Valley Creek near intersection of Diablo Rd & Green Valley Rd, then southwest into San Ramon Creek near intersection of Diablo Rd & Hwy 680.
See also Grass Valley Creek.

Green Valley School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.78  E-7 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.633  C-7 (unlabeled).
Public elementary (K-5) school in Danville.
1001 Diablo Rd, Danville CA 94526.  Tel: (925) 552-5685.  http://www.gves.srvusd.k12.ca.us/
San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Green Valley Trail
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  F-7.
Hiking trail extending from Stone Valley Rd in Diablo west to join Summit Trail in Dan Cook Canyon just inside Mt. Diablo State Park.

DeLorme Northern California  p.106  C-1.  Thomas 1997  p.696  C-5 (unlabeled).
Neighborhood of Livermore north of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Greenville was a settlement at the western mouth of Altamont Pass, named after pioneer John Green who opened the first store there.

Greenville North Park
Thomas 1997  p.696  B-3.
Park in Livermore at Scenic Ave & Heather Ln.
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District.

Greenwood Park
Thomas 1997  p.711  EF-5.
Park in Hayward at Eden Ave & Middle Ln.
Picnic facilities, play area, basketball courts, lawns.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Greg Brown Mini-Park
Berkeley city park at 1907 Harmon St.

Gregory Gardens Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.592  C-4 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Pleasant Hill.
200 Harriet Dr, Pleasant Hill CA 94523.  Tel: (925) 827-3770.
Mt Diablo Unified School District.

Gregory Village
Thomas Contra Costa  p.47  B-6.  Thomas 1997  p.592  C-5.
Shopping center at Contra Costa Blvd & Doray Dr in Pleasant Hill.

Gregs Harbor
Thomas Contra Costa  p.31  C-3.  Thomas 1997  p.577  E-5.
On south shore of Dutch Slough just east of Bethel Island Rd.
3295 Wells Rd, Bethel Island CA 94511.  Tel: (925) 684-2242.

Grey Pine
Reservable picnic site in Del Valle Regional Park.

Grimmer Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.773  E-2 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Fremont.
43030 Newport Dr, Fremont CA 94538.  Tel: (510) 656-1250. 
Fremont Unified School District.
Named for E M Grimmer.

Grimmer Park
Thomas 1997  p.773  E-2.
Fremont city park at Monmouth Pl & Philadelphia Pl.

Picnic site on South Park Dr near south end of Tilden Regional Park.

Grizzly Bay
DeLorme Northern California  p.95  D-5.  Thomas 1997  p.243  H-1.
Large bay extending north from Suisun Bay into the marshes of the California Delta in Solano County.

Grizzly Creek
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  B-5.  Thomas Contra Costa  p.74  E-3.  Thomas 1997  p.631  J-3.  East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  K-7.  East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  G-1.
Flows from southwest of Rossmoor Leisure World northwest into Las Trampas Creek at north edge of Lafayette Community Park.

Grizzly Peak
Thomas Contra Costa  p.68  E-5.  Thomas 1997  p.610  B-7.  East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  DE-6.
High point of Berkeley Hills, near southern end of Tilden Regional Park.
Access from Grizzly Peak Blvd.
Elevation given as 1720, 1754, or 1795 ft on various maps.

Grizzly Peak Open Space
Thomas 1997  p.630  D-3.
In Oakland, on west side of ridge just north of the Caldecott Tunnel.
Access from Grizzly Peak Blvd, Buckingham Blvd, or Bay Forest Dr.

Grizzly Peak Trail
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  DE-6.
Hiking/equestrian trail in southern Tilden Regional Park.

Grotto Rock Park
Thomas Contra Costa  p.68  B-2 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.609  G-5 (as "Park").
Berkeley city park on Santa Barbara Rd north of Indian Rock Ave.

Grove Park
Thomas 1997  p.629  G-4 (as "Grove Rec Ctr").
Berkeley city park on Martin Luther King Jr Way between Russell St and Oregon St.
Site of Grove Recreation Center at 1730 Oregon St, Berkeley CA 94703.  Tel: (510) 644-6225.

Grover Cleveland Park
See Cleveland Park.

Grove Shafter Freeway
Thomas 1997  p.629  H-7.
Hwy 24 from the Caldecott Tunnel to Hwy 580 in Oakland. The name sometimes also is applied to Hwy 980, although that officially is the John B Williams Freeway. The official name of the Grove Shafter Freeway is William Byron Rumford Freeway, named in 1980 by the California Assembly for a state legislator.

Grove Shafter Park
Thomas 1997  p.649  G-1.
Oakland city park under the intersection of Hwys 24, 580, and 980. Access from Martin Luther King Jr Way or Telegraph Ave between 34th and 37th Sts.

Grove Trail
Hiking/equestrian trail in Mission Peak Regional Preserve, providing access to A A Moore Memorial Grove.

Guadalupe Slough
DeLorme Northern California  p.115  A-6.  Thomas 1997  p.792  G-6.
Originates at the southwest corner of Alviso in Santa Clara County, receiving the flow of Calabazas Creek and San Tomas Aquinas Creek. Extends generally northwestward to open into San Francisco Bay at the mouth of Coyote Creek, just south of the Alameda County border. Note that the Guadalupe River flows into the nearby Alviso Slough.