Fairchild Gulch
DeLorme Northern California  p.116  A-2. 
Creek originating on the north slope of Eylar Mountain in Santa Clara County and flowing northwestward into Eylar Canyon in Alameda County.

Fairlands Park
Pleasanton city park at W Las Positas Blvd & Weymouth Ct.

Fairlands Day Care
Public day care facility in Pleasanton, located at Fairlands School.

Fairlands School
Public elementary school in Pleasanton.
4151 W Las Positas Blvd, Pleasanton CA 94566.  Tel: (925) 426-4210.
Pleasanton Unified School District.

Fairmead Park
Richmond city park at Loyola Dr & Duke Path.

Fairmont Elementary School
Public elementary school in El Cerrito.
724 Kearney St, El Cerrito CA 94530.  Tel: (510) 525-5235.
West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Fairmont Linear Park
Park in unincorporated area of San Leandro at Fairmont Dr & E 14th St.
Picnic facilities, play area, lawns, parking.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Fairmont Park
El Cerrito city park at Stockton Ave & Lexington Ave.

Fairmont Terrace Park
Park in San Lorenzo at Berkshire Dr & Manchester Rd.
Picnic tables, play area, basketball courts, lawns.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Fair Oaks Elementary School
Public elementary school in Pleasant Hill.
2400 Lisa Ln, Pleasant Hill CA 94523.  Tel: (925) 685-4494.
Mt Diablo Unified School District.

Fairoaks Park
Pleasant Hill city park at north end of Hampton Dr in eastern Pleasant Hill, near Leh Hester Park.

Fairview Park
(1) Antioch city park at Aster Dr & Crestview Dr.
Park in unincorporated area of Hayward south of Don Castro Regional Recreation Area, at 2841 Romagnolo St.
Play area, lawns, recreation center building, restrooms.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Fairview School
Public elementary school in unincorporated area east of Hayward.
23515 Maud Ave, Hayward CA 94541.  Tel: (510) 293-8571.  Fax: (510) 733-0342.

Fairway Greens Park
Park in Hayward at 30504 Vanderbilt St.
Picnic facilities, play area, lawns.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Fairway Park
Shopping center in Hayward at Mission Blvd & Rousseau St.  Tel: (510) 487-0400.

Fairways Golf Course
Rose Ave & Pleasanton Ave, Pleasanton CA 94566.  Tel: (925) 462-4653.
Located in the infield of the race track at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

Falls Trail
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-4.
Hiking trail in Mt. Diablo State Park, extending from Middle Trail past two falls to Cardinet Oaks Rd.

False Gun Vista Point
Hilltop scenic viewpoint (accessible only by hiking trails) in Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline.

False River
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  D-1. 
Extends from the San Joaquin River back to the San Joaquin River, forming the southern boundary of King Edward Island and Bradford Island. Was the northern boundary of the now-flooded Franks Tract.

Fan Marsh
Narrow shoreline marsh along Airport Channel between Doolittle Pond and Doolittle Beach in Martin Luther King Jr Regional Shoreline.

Farrar Park Harbor
On Dutch Slough on southern shore of Bethel Island, near bridge entrance to the island.
440 Riverview Pl, Bethel Island CA 94511.  Tel: (510) 684-2352.

Far West Alternative School
Public alternative school in Oakland.
5263 Broadway Ter, Oakland CA 94618.  Tel: (510) 879-1580. 
Oakland Unified School District.

Fashion Faire
Shopping center in San Leandro at Hesperian Blvd & Fairmont Dr.

Fault Creek
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  E-3.
Flows southeast from Sobrante Hill (on Oursan Ridge) into Deep Cove in Briones Reservoir.

Fay Island
DeLorme Northern California  p.106  A-2. 
Small San Joaquin County delta island in Old River east of Palm Tract.
No road access.

Federal Correctional Institution Pleasanton
Federal prison in eastern Dublin, located in the old Camp Parks just west of the county Santa Rita Rehabilitation Center. This facility was previously a federal youth prison, but is now a low-security prison with many women inmates. It often is known informally as Camp Parks.
Tel: (925) 833-7500.

Felt Spring
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  I-6.
Spring in Mt. Diablo State Park, near Rhine Canyon Rd.

Picnic site in Tilden Regional Park.

Fernandez Park
Pinole city park at Tennent Ave & Park St.

Fernando Pacheco Adobe
In Hillcrest Community Park in Concord.
3119 Grant St, Concord CA 94520.

Fern Dell
Picnic site on Stream Trail in Redwood Regional Park.

Fern Hut
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  C-2.
Reservable campsite for organized youth groups in Redwood Regional Park off Stream Trail. Restrooms, water. Reservations: (510) 636-1684.

Neighborhood of Alameda.

Fernside Center
Thomas 1997  p.670  B-2.
Shopping center in Alameda at Blanding Ave & Broadway.

Fern Trail
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  C-3.
Hiking trail in Redwood Regional Park.

Ferry Point
Another name for Point Richmond.
Now a small park that is part of the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline.

Reservable picnic site in Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area.

Fiesta Grande
Reservable picnic site in Del Valle Regional Park.

Finley Road
Thomas Contra Costa  p.85  AB-4.  Thomas 1997  p.654  G-1,2.  Mt. Diablo Trail Map  K-7.
Road leading northnortheast from Camino Tassajara up Tassajara Creek valley east of Mt. Diablo State Park, becoming a fire road and multiuse trail that extends through Riggs Canyon to Morgan Territory Rd.

Fire Circle
Campfire site in Redwood Regional Park.

Fire Interpretive Trail
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  HI-5.
Hiking trail in Mt. Diablo State Park around summit of Mt. Diablo.
Views, geologic outcrops, and stages of vegetation recovery from 1977 and earlier fires.

Fischer Park
Thomas 1997  p.752  C-2,3.
Fremont city park at Deep Creek Rd & Maybird Cir.

Fishermans Cut
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  D-1.  Thomas Contra Costa  p.29  B-1.  Thomas 1997  p.557  D-5.
Canal separating Bradford Island and King Edward Island.
Extends from San Joaquin River to False River.

Fishway Interpretive Site
Exhibit along the fishway for spawning rainbow trout near Redwood Gate to Redwood Regional Park.

Flag Hill
In Sunol Regional Wilderness. Named in 1904 when the son of a summer camper climbed to the top of this hill to plant a US flag on the Fourth of July. Elevation 1360 ft.

Flag Hill Road
Multiuse trail in Sunol Regional Wilderness, extending from High Valley Rd to the top of Flag Hill.

Flag Hill Trail
Hiking trail in Sunol Regional Wilderness, extending from near School Camp to top of Flag Hill.

Fleming Point
Thomas Contra Costa  p.67  C-4.  Thomas 1997  p.609  B-6.
On San Francisco Bay west of Albany, originally a hill separated by marshland from the mainland, now site of the Golden Gate Fields racetrack.

Floresta Park
Thomas 1997  p.691  B-5. San Leandro city park at 3750 Monterey Blvd.  http://www.ci.san-leandro.ca.us/slparksfloresta.html
Picnic facilities, play area. Lawns and baseball diamond on adjacent school site.

F M Smith Park
Thomas 1997  p.649  J-4.
Oakland city park at Newton Ave & Park Blvd.

Reservable picnic site in Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area.

Foothill Elementary School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.18  E-6 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.574  F-6 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Pittsburg.
1200 Jensen Dr, Pittsburg CA 94565.  Tel: (925) 473-4300.

Foothill High School
Thomas 1997  p.713  J-2.
Public high school in Pleasanton.
4375 Foothills Rd, Pleasanton CA 94566.  Tel: (925) 426-4243.
Pleasanton Unified School District.

Foothill Meadows
Thomas 1997  p.650  C-1.
Oakland city park on 38th Ave near Foothill Blvd.

Foothill Middle School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.50  A-5 (as "Mid").  Thomas 1997  p.612  H-2 (as "Mid").
Public middle school in Walnut Creek.
2775 Cedro Ln, Walnut Creek CA 94598.  Tel: (925) 939-8600.
Mt Diablo Unified School District.

Foothills Park
Thomas 1997  p.591  H-3.
Martinez city park at Alhambra Ave & Benham Dr.

Foothill Square
Thomas 1997  p.671  B-5.
Shopping center in Oakland at MacArthur Blvd & 108th Ave.

Foothills Trail
Unpaved multiuse trail in Diablo Foothills Regional Park.

Ford Channel
Thomas Contra Costa  p.37  CD-7.  Thomas 1997  p.608  G-3.
Shipping channel connecting Harbor Channel to Richmond Marina Bay in Richmond Inner Harbor.

Ford Elementary School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.35  E-6 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.588  J-4 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Richmond.
2711 Maricopa Ave, Richmond CA 94804.  Tel: (510) 234-8336.
West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Forest Park
Thomas 1997  p.630  D-6.
Neighborhood of Oakland in the hills, centered around Broadway Ter east of Hwy 13 and south of Hwy 24.

Forest Park Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.752  C-3 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Fremont.
34400 Maybird Cir, Fremont CA 94555.  Tel: (510) 713-0141.
Fremont Unified School District.

Fortmann Basin
Thomas 1997  p.649  J-7.
Extends into Alameda from Alameda Harbor. Until the 1930s, this was the main docking area for the wintering salmon-catching tall sailing ships of the Alaska Packers' Fleet. Now it contains Grand Marina and Fortmann Marina.

Fortmann Marina
Thomas 1997  p.649  HJ-7.
1535 Buena Vista Ave, Alameda CA 94501.  Tel: (510) 522-9080.

Fossil Ridge
Thomas Contra Costa  p.81  DE-5.  Thomas 1997  p.633  HJ-6.  Mt. Diablo Trail Map  GH-7.
In Mt. Diablo State Park just south of Rock City, forming the south slope of the valley of West Fork Sycamore Creek, and part of the Black Hills.

Fossil Ridge Trail
See East Fossile Ridge Trail and West Fossil Ridge Trail.

Four Corners
Neighborhood of Concord near intersection of Monument Blvd & Meadow Ln / Oak Grove Rd.

14th Avenue Creek
Originally flowed from area near McChesney Junior High School to drain into the Oakland Estuary around the present Vantage Point Park. Now flows entirely in storm drainage pipes under 14th Ave.

Foxboro Park
Thomas Contra Costa  p.5  C-1.  Thomas 1997  p.569  J-3.
Hercules city park at Canterbury & Newbury.

Fox Tail Trail
Multiuse trail in Round Valley Regional Preserve.

Fox Trail
Unpaved multiuse trail in Morgan Territory Regional Preserve.

Franklin Canyon
The upper portion of Franklin Creek valley, on the slopes of Franklin Ridge.

Franklin Canyon Golf Course
Thomas Contra Costa  p.6  B-3.  Thomas 1997  p.570  E-4.
On Hwy 4 just west of Christie Rd, within (recently expanded) Hercules city limits.
Along Rodeo Creek.
Tel: (510) 799-6191.

Franklin Canyon Road
Extends from intersection of Cummings Skyway and Hwy 4 along Franklin Creek to Alhambra Ave south of Martinez.  The non-freeway portion of Hwy 4 between Hwy 80 and Franklin Canyon is also considered a part of Franklin Canyon Rd.

Franklin Creek
Flows from south of Port Costa close to Hwy 4 to join Alhambra Creek south of Martinez.

Franklin Elementary School
Thomas 1997  p.669  G-1,2 (unmarked).
Public elementary school in Alameda.
1433 San Antonio Ave, Alameda CA 94501.  Tel: (510) 748-4004. 
Alameda Unified School District.

Franklin Hills Open Space
Thomas 1997  p.571  D-5.
In hills west of Martinez, just southeast of and connecting to the eastern segment of Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline.
Access by trail from many directions, such as Wallin Dr & Serrano St.

Franklin Park
Thomas 1997  p.669  H-2.
Alameda city park at 1300 San Antonio Ave.

Franklin Recreation Center
Thomas 1997  p.649  J-5.
Oakland city recreation center at 1010 E 15th St.  Tel: (510) 238-7741.

Franklin Ridge
Thomas Contra Costa  p.9  A-3.  Thomas 1997  p.570  H-3,5.  East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  GH-1.
Southwest and south of Martinez.

Franklin Ridge Loop Trail
Unpaved multiuse trail in eastern portion of Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline (just west of Martinez).

Franklin School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.67  E-6 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.629  E-1 (unlabeled).
Former elementary school in Berkeley.
See Cragmont School at Franklin and Thousand Oaks at Franklin.

Franklin Year-Round School
Thomas 1997  p.649  J-5 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Oakland.
915 Foothill Blvd, Oakland CA 94606.  Tel: (510) 879-1160.
Oakland Unified School District.

Frank Salfingere Park
Thomas Contra Costa  p.47  B-4.  Thomas 1997  p.592  C-3.
Pleasant Hill city park on Taylor Blvd at Grayson Creek.
Site of community center.

Frank's Dump
Franks Dump is at Hayward Regional Shoreline in Hayward. Take the Winton Avenue exit from Interstate 880, and go West to the end. Park at the West Winston Ave parking lot. Franks Dump is the active refuse area to the north. You can take either trail out to the bay and then head north along the Bay Trail.

Franks Marina
Thomas Contra Costa  p.31  E-1.  Thomas 1997  p.577  H-3.
On Piper Slough near the (south)eastern tip of Bethel Island.
7050 Riverview Dr, Bethel Island CA 94511.  Tel: (925) 684-3477.

Franks Tract
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  D-2 (unlabeled).  Thomas Contra Costa  p.30  AB-4.  Thomas 1997  p.557  HJ-7.
Delta island protected by levees in northeastern Contra Costa County, now flooded except for small area at northwestern tip.

Franks Tract State Recreation Area
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  D-1.  Thomas Contra Costa  p.29  B-3.  Thomas 1997  p.557  C-6.
Includes both flooded and unflooded parts of old Franks Tract.
Access by boat only.  Fishing, boating, beaches, wildlife viewing.
Administered by California State Parks.  Tel: (916) 777-7701.   http://www.ceres.ca.gov/dpr/

Frederick Mini-Park
Thomas Contra Costa  p.68  A-2 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.609  G-5 (as "Park"). 
Berkeley city park at Arlington Ave & Yosemite Rd.

Fred E Weibel Elementary School
See Weibel Elementary School.

Fremont Center
Thomas 1997  p.753  D-6.
Shopping center in Fremont at Fremont Blvd & Grimmer Blvd.

Fremont Central Park
Thomas 1997  p.753  D-4.
Fremont city park at Paseo Padre Pky & Stevenson Blvd, surrounding Lake Elizabeth.
Nearly 500 acres with visitor center, swim lagoon, Stivers Lagoon Nature Area, picnic facilities, reservable group picnic sites, lawns, footpaths, bicycle and jogging trails, 4 playgrounds, 6 softball fields, 10 soccer fields, 18 tennis courts (9 of them lighted), 3 sand volleyball courts, golf driving range, 4 snack bars, Fremont Community Center, fishing and boating on Lake Elizabeth, restrooms.

Fremont Christian High School
Thomas 1997  p.752  G-4.
Private high school in Fremont.
4760 Thornton Ave, Fremont CA 94536.  Tel: (510) 792-4700.

Fremont Community Center
Thomas 1997  p.753  D-5 (unmarked).
Fremont city recreation facility located in Fremont Central Park.
40204 Paseo Padre Pky, Fremont CA 94538.

Fremont Drag Strip
Thomas 1997  p.773  D-5.
Access on Christy St from Auto Mall Pky.

Fremont Elementary School
Thomas Contra Costa  p.21  A-4 (unlabeled).  Thomas 1997  p.575  D-5 (unlabeled).
Public elementary school in Antioch.
1413 F St, Antioch CA 94509.  Tel: (925) 706-4101.
Antioch Unified School District.

Fremont Hub Center
Thomas 1997  p.753  A-5.
Shopping mall in Fremont at Fremont Blvd & Mowry Ave.
39210 Fremont Blvd, Fremont CA 94538.  Tel: (510) 792-1720.

Fremont Memorial Park Cemetery
Thomas 1997  p.753  D-7.
4250 Irvington Ave, Fremont CA 94538.

Fremont Plaza
Thomas 1997  p.753  A-4.
Shopping center in Fremont at Fremont Blvd & Mowry Ave.

Frenchmen's Curve
Reservable picnic site in Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area.

French Trail
East Bay Hills Central Trail Map  C-2.
Hiking/equestrian trail in Redwood Regional Park, extending from West Ridge Trail near Skyline Gate Staging Area to Canyon Meadow Staging Area.

Frick Lake
DeLorme Northern California  p.106  C-1.  Thomas 1997  p.696  E-1.
On Laughlin Rd at northeast corner of Livermore.

Frick Middle School
Thomas 1997  p.670  G-1 (as "Jr HS").
Public middle school in Oakland (previously Frick Junior High School).
2845 64th Ave, Oakland CA 94605.  Tel: (510) 879-2030. 
Oakland Unified School District.

Frog Pond
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  I-6.
On western slope of Rhine Canyon in Mt. Diablo State Park.
Access by Frog Pond Rd.

Frog Pond Road
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  I-6.
Fire road and multiuse trail in Mount Diablo State Park, extending from Chase Pond Rd to Frog Pond.

Thomas 1997  p.650  C-7.
Neighborhood of Oakland centered around Fruitvale Ave & Foothill Blvd. Originally the town of Fruit Vale, noted for its fruit production. Annexed by Oakland in 1909.

Fruitvale Bridge
Thomas 1997  p.670  B-2 (unlabeled).
Bridge across the Tidal Canal, connecting Fruitvale Ave in Oakland to Tilden Way in Alameda.

Fruitvale Bridge Park
Thomas 1997  p.670  B-2.
Oakland city park at Fruitvale Ave & Alameda Ave.

Fruitvale Plaza
Thomas 1997  p.670  D-1. Oakland city park at International Blvd & 45th Ave.

Fruitvale School
Thomas 1997  p.650  D-5 (unmarked).
Public elementary school in Oakland.
3200 Boston Ave, Oakland CA 94602.  Tel: (510) 879-1170. 
Oakland Unified School District.

F Stenzel Park
See Stenzel Park.