A A Moore Memorial Grove
Located on south slope of Mission Peak in Mission Peak Regional Preserve. Access via Grove Trail. A A Moore had a ranch here.

Abbey, The
Home built in 1886 by Joaquin Miller for himself and his wife Abbie on his land "The Hights" in the Oakland hills, now Joaquin Miller Park. Abbie lived there until her death in 1939. The house is preserved as a Historical Landmark.

Abraham Braxton Park
Richmond city park at Plaza Cir & Plaza Way.

Abrigo Trail
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  G-3.
Unpaved multiuse trail in Briones Regional Park.

Abrigo Valley Trail
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  G-3.
Unpaved multiuse trail in Briones Regional Park.
Birding by Richmond, p. 23.

Picnic site in Tilden Regional Park on Lake Anza Rd.

Acalanes High School
Public high school in Lafayette.
1200 Pleasant Hill Rd, Lafayette CA 94549.  Tel: (925) 935-2600.

Acalanes Open Space
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  K-4,5 (as "Acalanes Ridge Recreation Area").
Walnut Creek city open space above intersection of Hwy 680 & Hwy 24, with various trail access points. Short hikes with sweeping vistas of Mt. Diablo.

Acorn Flat
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  G-5.
Small level area at about 1420 ft elevation on ridge southwest of Moses Rock Ridge.
Access by Burma Rd.

Adams Middle School
Public middle school in unincorporated area of Contra Costa County north of El Cerrito.
5000 Patterson Cir, Richmond CA 94805.  Tel: (510) 235-5464.   http://www.wccusd.k12.ca.us/adams/index.html
West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Adams Park
Oakland city park at Grand Ave & Harrison St (north of Grand Ave). The Veterans Memorial Building (built in 1928) is located in this park.

Adams Point
High land between the two arms of San Antonio Slough, owned by Edson Adams (one of the three founders of Oakland). Boat landings usable at high tide made this tree-covered knoll a popular picnic spot for boaters from all over the Bay Area. Adams never did build on the site, and it became an unofficial public park. In 1909 the city of Oakland purchased it from Adams and created Lakeside Park.

See Jane Addams Pre-School.

Adeline Street Park
Small Berkeley city park near spot where BART tracks go underground at Adeline St & 62nd St.

Adobe Center
20395 San Miguel Ave, Castro Valley CA 94546.
Art studios, art gallery, restrooms, parking.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Adobe Park
Pleasanton city park at Foothill Rd & Old Foothill Rd.

Advent Christian School
Private school in unincorporated Alameda_County south of Livermore.
2828 Marina Ave, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 447-6269.

Aeolian Yacht Club
Bay Farm Island Bridge, Alameda CA 94501.  Tel: (510) 523-2586.

African American Museum & Library
5606 San Pablo Ave, Oakland CA 94608.  Tel: (510) 597-5053.

Agua Caliente Creek
See Arroyo Agua Caliente.

Agua Fria Creek
See Arroyo Agua Fria.

Agua Vista
Reservable picnic site in Del Valle Regional Park.

Airport Channel
Channel navigable for small boats, extending from San Leandro Bay for some distance southsoutheast along Doolittle Dr.

See Kenneth C Aitken Senior and Community Center.

Alameda Adult School
Public adult school in Alameda.
2250 Central Ave, Alameda CA 94501.  Tel: (510) 522-3858.

Alameda County Fairgrounds
Located at Pleasanton Ave & Rose Ave in Pleasanton.  Tel: (925) 426-7600.

Alameda Creek
DeLorme Northern California  Originates in northeastern Santa Clara County and flows generally northwestward through Sunol Regional Wilderness, then west through Niles Canyon, between Fremont and Union City, and into San Francisco Bay. A large portion of its water is taken south of Sunol Wilderness through the Alameda Diversion Tunnel into Calaveras Reservoir and used by the San Francisco Water Department. The creek below Niles Canyon was extensively modified (widened, straightened, and enclosed between banks) by the US Army Corps of Engineers, a job finished in 1972. An older channel of the creek also remains, extending through Union City and out into the bay from Alvarado Large rubber dams in the creek channel in Fremont divert water into percolation ponds to refresh the groundwater supply. See Alameda County Water District.

Alameda Creek Quarries Regional Recreation Area
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  D-5.  Most of this area in northern Fremont is still under development, but some facilities for fishing and model boat sailing are open. It includes a number of former salt evaporation ponds and gravel pits linked to Alameda Creek.
East Bay Regional Park District.
Birding by Richmond, pp. 9-10.

Alameda Creek Regional Trail
A 12-mile trail along Alameda Creek from the bayshore in Coyote Hills Regional Park to the hills in Fremont.
The mostly unpaved trail on the north bank of the creek is used mainly by equestrians, while hikers, bicyclists and joggers tend to use the paved trail on the south bank of the creek.
East Bay Regional Park District.   http://www.ebparks.org/parks/alameda.htm
Birding by Richmond, pp. 9-10.

Alameda Diversion Tunnel
DeLorme Northern California  p.115  A-7. 
Carries water from a diversion dam on Alameda Creek south of Sunol Regional Wilderness into Calaveras Reservoir. Part of the San Francisco Water Department system.

Alameda Gateway Ferry Terminal
Alameda terminal for the Alameda-Oakland Ferry, with connections to San Francisco and Angel Island.
On Main St at the entrance to the former US Naval Air Station at Alameda.

Alameda Grove
Reservable picnic site in Sunol Regional Wilderness.

Alameda Harbor
The body of water between Alameda and Coast Guard Island, originally part of Brooklyn Basin.

Alameda High School
2201 Encinal Ave, Alameda CA 94501.  Tel: (510) 337-7022.

Alameda Marina
Near the southeastern end of Alameda Harbor.
1815 Clement Ave, Alameda CA 94501.  Tel: (510) 521-1133.

Alameda Memorial State and Regional Beaches
Name given in 1967 to beaches on southwest shore of Alameda, including the former Neptune Beach, which had become a State Park in 1959. Later renamed as Crown Memorial State Beach.

Alameda Naval Air Station
DeLorme Northern California  p.104  B-3. 
Built on landfill in San Francisco Bay, completed in 1940. For decades it was headquarters for Fleet Air Pacific, aircraft carrier-based units, and seaplanes, with extensive facilities for aircraft maintenance and repair as well as naval air supply. Main gate at the north end of Main St in Alameda. In 1993, it was ordered shut down as part of the government base-closure program. The Navy was scheduled to begin turning property over to the city of Alameda in January of 1997, but environmental problems have delayed the process. As of May 1998, transfer of property is expected to begin in January 1999. Plans for civilian use of the property are still being completed.
(Alameda city website on base closure)
http://home.earthlink.net/~clearh2orev/wecc.html (citizens group dealing with pollution and other problems)

Alameda Park
Alameda city park near Central Ave & Lincoln Ave.

Alamo Canal
Carries water from Alamo Creek and Dublin Creek south through Pleasanton along Hwy 680 into Arroyo Del Valle.

Alamo Creek
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  BC-6.  Mount Diablo Trail Map  JK-9.
Flows from south slope of Oyster Point in Mt. Diablo State Park generally southward through San Ramon into Alamo Canal in Pleasanton. See also West Branch Alamo Creek.

Alamo Oaks
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  B-6. 
Unincorporated town (housing development?) in Contra Costa County just west of Oakhill Park, forming indentation in north boundary of Danville.
Access on Oak Smith Rd from Stone Valley Rd.

Alamo Plaza
Shopping center at Stone Valley Rd & Danville Blvd in Alamo.  Tel: (925) 947-6633.

Alamo Ridge
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  D-7.
Ridge forming south side of Stone Valley, southeast of Alamo.

Alamo School
Public elementary (K-5) school in Alamo.
100 Wilson Rd, Alamo CA 94507.  Tel: (925) 938-0448.   http://www.aes.srvusd.k12.ca.us/
San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Alamo Trail
Unpaved multiuse trail in Diablo Foothills Regional Park.

Alaska Basin
A small body of water extending from Oakland Inner Harbor into Alameda, just west of Fortmann Basin. Used for dock facilities of Encinal Terminal. Name comes from the fact that the Alaska salmon fleet long wintered here and in Fortmann Basin.

Albany Bulb
See The Bulb.

Albany Crescent
The bayshore between Point Isabel and The Bulb. Note that Cerrito Creek (currently marked by an accumulation of tires, shopping carts, and other junk) is the dividing line between Contra Costa County and Alameda County. The completion of segments of the Bay Trail and Eastshore State Park has this area in a state of constant change in 1999. Probably the best viewing spot right now is from Buchanan St at the north end of the parking lots for Golden Gate Fields, just before or just after a high tide. Eventually there will be a trail all along the shore here to facilitate birding in both counties.

Albany High School
Public high school in Albany.
603 Key Route Blvd, Albany CA 94706.  Tel: (510) 559-6550.   http://www.citynight.com/~ahs/
Main building demolished in 1998 and being replaced.
Albany Unified School District.

Albany Hill
DeLorme Northern California  p.104  A-3.
Isolated hill just inland from the shore of San Francisco Bay in western Albany.
Elevation about 300 ft.
Friends of Albany Hill:   http://www.imaja.com/change/environment/albanyca/albanyca.html

Albany Hill Park
Albany city park at north end of Albany Hill.
Trails in oak woodlands up the hill most easily accessed from north end of Madison St or Jackson St on the hill.

Albany Middle School
Public middle school in Albany.
1000 Jackson St, Albany CA 94706.  Tel: (510) 559-6540.
Albany Unified School District.

Albany Mudflats
Shallow San Francisco Bay cove just north of Golden Gate Fields racetrack parking lots in Albany, at low tide forming mudflats noted for good winter shorebird viewing. Access from the west end of Buchanan St.

DeLorme Northern California  p.115  A-6. 
One-time station on the South Pacific Coast Railroad near west end of present Auto Mall Pky in Fremont.

Al Caffodio Park
Park in Livermore at Chippewa Way & Shawnee Rd.
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District.

Alder Creek
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  I-6.
Flows from southeast slope of Meridian Flat on Mt. Diablo southeast into Curry Canyon.

Alder Creek Road
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  I-6.
Fire road and multiuse trail in Mount Diablo State Park extending from Meridian Flat along ridge north of Alder Creek to Frog Pond Rd.

Reservable picnic site in Tilden Regional Park.

Alexander Park
At Pomona St & Rolph Ave in Crockett.

See also Lake Alhambra.

Alhambra Cemetery
On Carquinez Scenic Dr just west of Martinez.

Alhambra Creek
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  J-2.
Flows from Briones Regional Park into Carquinez Strait at Martinez Regional Shoreline.
Friends of Alhambra Creek:   http://www.museumca.org/creeks/org.html#alhambra
Originally called el Hambre ("Hunger"). The name was later "prettified" to refer to the Moorish palace in Granada.

Alhambra Creek Staging Area
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  J-2,3 (as "Alhambra Valley Staging Area").
Entrance to Briones Regional Park.  Picnic tables, restrooms, water, parking lot.
Off Reliez Valley Rd not far east of the intersection with Alhambra Valley Rd.

Alhambra Creek Trail
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  J-3.
Unpaved multiuse trail in Briones Regional Park.

Alhambra High School
Public high school in Martinez.
150 E St, Martinez CA 94553.  Tel: (925) 313-0440.   http://www.cccoe.k12.ca.us/martinez/ahs/index.htm
Martinez Unified School District.

Alhambra Valley
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  J-2.
The valley of Alhambra Creek south from Martinez into the north end of Briones Regional Park.
The wide lower valley of Arroyo del Hambre Creek is often also considered a part of Alhambra Valley.
The name is also applied to the unincorporated neighborhood just south of the Martinez city limits along Alhambra Valley Rd.
Originally Cañada del Hambre ("Hunger Valley").

Alhambra Valley Road
DeLorme Northern California  p.104  A-4. 
East Bay Northern Trail Map  DE-2.
Extension of Pinole Valley Rd going east from Hwy 80 (name changes at eastern boundary of Pinole), running north of Briones Regional Park, then turning north to end at Alhambra Ave not far south of Hwy 4 south of Martinez.

Alhambra Valley Staging Area
See Alhambra Creek Staging Area.

Alisal School
Public elementary school in Pleasanton.
1454 Santa Rita Rd, Pleasanton CA 94566.  Tel: (925) 426-9751.
Pleasanton Unified School District.

Allendale Recreation Center
Oakland city recreation center at 3711 Suter St.  Tel: (510) 535-5635.

Allendale Year Round School
Public elementary school in Oakland.
3670 Penniman Ave, Oakland CA 94619.  Tel: (510) 879-1010.

See Mount Allison.

Almond Avenue Elementary School
Public elementary school in Livermore.
1401 Almond Ave, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 606-3350.   http://www.lvjusd.k12.ca.us/Schools/Almond/almond.html
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.

Almond Elementary School
See Almond Avenue Elementary School.

Almond Park
Park in Livermore on Almond Ave between Edgewood Way and Almond Cir.
Livermore Area Recreation and Park District.

Almondridge Park
At Almondridge Dr & Almond Tree Ct in Antioch.

Tiny town near Altamont Pass on Altamont Pass Rd.

Altamont Creek
Flows from near Altamont Pass westward through Livermore and into Arroyo Las Positas near Hwy 580.

Altamont Pass
Route over the hills between Livermore and Tracy in the Central Valley. Once applied to the high point on Altamont Pass Rd (near the "town" of Altamont), but now applied to the high point on Hwy 580.

Altamont Speedway
Automobile racetrack near the intersection of Hwy 580 & Hwy 205 in western San Joaquin County at the eastern end of Altamont Pass. Famous as the site of the 1969 free Rolling Stones concert at which a murder was widely regarded as marking "the end of the '60s," or "the day the music died."

Alvarado Area
Northwest portion of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park.
See Alvarado Park.

Alvarado Elementary School
Public elementary school (K-4) in Union City.
31100 Fredi St, Union City CA 94587.  Tel: (510) 471-1039.   
New Haven Unified School District.

Alvarado Middle School
Public middle school (5-8) in Union City.
31604 Alvarado Blvd, Union City CA 94587.  Tel: (510) 489-0700.
New Haven Unified School District.

Alvarado Park
(1) East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  A-3.
Created as a private park in 1909, a Richmond city park from 1923 through 1985, and now the Alvarado Area of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park.
The open-air pavilion and dance platform (later a roller rink) are gone, but extensive stone masonry remains in a unique variation on the National Park Service style of "rustic park architecture."  There are picnic facilities, play structures, and an amphitheater.

Union City city park at Smith St & Watkins St.

Alvarado Place Center
Shopping center in Union City at Alvarado Blvd & Dyer St.

Alvarado Plaza
Shopping center in Union City at Alvarado Blvd & Dyer St.

Alvarado Staging Area
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  A-3 (unlabeled).
In Wildcat Canyon Regional Park.
Parking and toilet facilities at end of Wildcat Creek Trail east of San Pablo, reached from Arlington Blvd or McBryde Ave via Park Ave.

Alviso Slough
DeLorme Northern California  p.115  A-6. 
Receives flow of Guadalupe River on border of northeastern Santa Clara and extends northward past the Alviso Marina and northwestward into the wetlands to open into Coyote Creek near its mouth, just south of the Alameda County border.

See Amador Valley.

Amador Adult School
4659 Bernal Ave #C, Pleasanton CA 94566.  Tel: (925) 426-4280.
Pleasanton Unified School District.

Amador Center
Shopping center in Pleasanton at Santa Rita Rd & Valley Ave.

Amador Community Park
Pleasanton city park at Santa Rita Rd & Black Ave.
Aquatic center, Amador Recreation Center, rentable group picnic area.

Amador Recreation Center
Pleasanton city recreation center. Rentable patio group picnic area (May-Sept).
4455 Black Ave, Pleasanton CA 94566.

Amador Theater
Pleasanton city facility, located at Amador Valley High School. Can be rented.

Amador Valley
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  C-6.
The valley of Arroyo Las Positas, including Pleasanton and part of Livermore. José María Amador was granted much of the land in this area. The town that grew up around his adobe (modern Dublin) was known as Amador's or Amador Valley.

Amador Valley Community Park
See Amador Community Park.

Amador Valley High School
Public high school in Pleasanton.
1155 Santa Rita Rd, Pleasanton CA 94566.  Tel: (925) 846-2818.
Pleasanton Unified School District.

Amber Swartz Park
Pinole city park at Savage Ave & Moraga Dr.

Ambrose Park
At Wollam Ave & Memorial Way in Bay Point.

Amelia Earhart
See Earhart Elementary School.

American Heritage Christian High School
Private high school in Hayward.
425 Gresel St, Hayward CA 94544.  Tel: (510) 471-1010.

American High School
Public high school in Fremont.
36300 Fremont Blvd, Fremont CA 94536.  Tel: (510) 796-1776.
Fremont Unified High School.

American President Lines Terminal
Port of Oakland facility (berths 60, 61, 62, 63) in Oakland Inner Harbor.
1395 Middle Harbor Rd, Oakland CA 94607.  Tel: (510) 272-3920.  Fax: (510) 452-2573.   http://www.apl.com/
Operated by Eagle Marine Services. A container freight terminal.

Anchor Marina
On Taylor Slough on western shore of Bethel Island.
1970 Taylor Rd, Bethel Island CA 94511.  Tel: (925) 684-2182.

See Booker T Anderson Eastshore Park.

Andrew N Christensen School
See Christensen School.

Andrus Island
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  C-2. 
Delta island, protected by levees, in the southwestern tip of Sacramento County between the Sacramento River and the Georgiana Slough, separated from Brannan Island by Jackson Slough.
Access from Rio Vista or Lodi on Hwy 12.

Angel Kerley Road
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  G-5.
Extends from Burma Rd at Poker Table Flat to North Gate Rd in Mt. Diablo State Park.

Ann & Chucks Harbor
On Sand Mound Slough on southern shore of Bethel Island.
4230 Stone Rd, Bethel Island CA 94511.  Tel: (925) 684-2388.

Anna Yates Elementary School
Public elementary school in Emeryville.
1070 41st St, Emeryville CA 94608.  Tel: (510) 652-7137.
Emery Unified School District.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park
See Chabot Regional Park.

Anthony W Ochoa Middle School
Public middle school in Hayward (formerly Anthony W Ochoa Intermediate School).
2121 Depot Rd, Hayward CA 94545.  Tel: (510) 293-8532.

Antioch Bridge
DeLorme Northern California  p.96  D-1 (unlabeled). 
Carries Hwy 84/160 over the San Joaquin River between Antioch and Sherman Island. Official name is Senator John A Nejedly Bridge. Named in 1978 by the California Assembly for a state legislator.

Antioch Christian Tutorial High School
Private high school in Antioch.
640 E Tregallas Rd, Antioch CA 94509.  Tel: (925) 757-1837.

Antioch Christian Tutorial School
Private elementary school in Antioch.
640 E Tregallas Rd, Antioch CA 94509.  Tel: (925) 757-1837.

Antioch Community Park
Antioch city park at James Donlon Blvd & Blythe Dr, adjacent to Contra Loma Regional Park and Lone Tree Golf Course.

Antioch Delta Field Base Pier
See Antioch Pier.

Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge
Two separate tracts of land, located along Wilbur Ave & Fulton Shipyard Rd, just west of Antioch. The 67 acres of sand dunes and former dune areas form an isolated dunes ecosystem with a unique assemblage of plants, insects, and reptiles. The Refuge protects critical habitat for 3 endangered species: Lange's metalmark butterfly, Contra Costa wallflower, and Antioch Dunes evening primrose. A major restoration project is underway to restore and improve the habitat. To protect the endangered species, this Refuge is closed to the public. It is administered as part of the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

Antioch Fishing Pier
On the San Joaquin River at the end of H St in Antioch.

Antioch High School
Public high school in Antioch.
700 W 18th St, Antioch CA 94509.  Tel: (925) 706-5300.
Antioch Unified School District.

Antioch Marina
See Barbara Price Marina Park.

Antioch Middle School
Public junior high school in Antioch.
1500 D St, Antioch CA 94509.  Tel: (925) 706-5316.

Antioch Municipal Golf Course
See Lone Tree Golf Course.

Antioch Municipal Reservoir
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  A-7. 
Located in Lone Tree Golf Course in southwestern Antioch.

Antioch Pier
Fishing pier on San Joaquin River in Antioch Regional Shoreline.
Near site of former Antioch Delta Field Base Pier.
Built on some of the pilings from the earlier bridge.

Antioch Point
Between New York Slough and San Joaquin River, at west end of Dow Wetlands Preserve in Antioch.

Antioch Regional Shoreline
A small (7-acre) park on the south shore of the San Joaquin River at the foot of the Antioch Bridge.
Fishing pier, picnic tables, small beach, meadow (kite flying).
Access on Bridgehead Rd.
East Bay Regional Park District.   http://www.ebparks.org/parks/antioch.htm

Antioch Square
Shopping center at 20th St & A St in Antioch.

Anza Lake
See Lake Anza.

Apay Way
Unpaved multiuse trail in Coyote Hills Regional Park, connecting to Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Apperson Creek
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  D-7. 
Originates on the northeast side of Apperson Ridge and flows northward, westward, then northwestward into San Antonio Creek. The lower valley of this creek is now flooded by San Antonio Reservoir up to the fork of the main creek and South Fork Apperson Creek.

Apperson Ridge
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  D-7. 
Ridge north of Sunol Regional Wilderness, tending northwest to southeast, southwest of Indian Creek.
In 1968, Utah Construction & Mining Co obtained a 30-year lease on the ridge and requested a zoning variance to allow quarrying of rock that would bring the entire ridgetop down below the level of surrounding hills. In a long public battle, the East Bay Regional Park District managed to prevent the quarrying. Years later, Oliver De Silva Co attempted to quarry the ridge. Unlike Utah, De Silva worked out a compromise with EBRPD that limiting days and hours of quarry work, kept the work out of sight and sound of visitors to Sunol Wilderness, left the ridgeline relatively intact, and provided economic compensation to EBRPD was unavoidable ecological damage, so the De Silva quarrying was approved in 1983. (See Stein, A Vision Achieved, pp 71-75.)

Appian 80 Center
Shopping center at Appian Way & Hwy 80 in Pinole.  Tel: (925) 254-1074.

Aquatic Park
Berkeley city park surrounding an enclosed "lake" between Hwy 80 and the Southern Pacific railroad tracks, from Ashby Ave north nearly to University Ave.  The eastern shore of the water here is close to the original shoreline of San Francisco Bay.

Arata Overlook Trail
Unpaved multiuse trail in Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.

Arbolado Park
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  D-3.
Walnut Creek city park at Arbolado Dr & Sutton Dr.

Archway School
Private K-8 school in Oakland.
"Founded [in 1973] to nurture children's curiosity and love of learning."
250 41st St or 4103 Terrace St, Oakland CA 94611.  Tel: (510) 655-5030 or (510) 547-4747.   http://www.dnai.com/~archway/

Ardenwood Elementary School
Public elementary school in Fremont.
33955 Emilia Ln, Fremont CA 94555.  Tel: (510) 794-0392.   http://www.vargastudios.com/ardenweb.htm
Fremont Unified School District.

Ardenwood Historic Farm
See Ardenwood Regional Preserve.

Ardenwood Regional Preserve
Entrance on Ardenwood Blvd (Newark Blvd) just north of Hwy 84 in Fremont.  Tel: (510) 796-0199.
Also known as Ardenwood Historic Farm.
A part of the former Patterson Ranch, including the mansion and its elaborate Victorian Gardens, as well as a working farm demonstrating agricultural practices from the 1870s to the present.
East Bay Regional Park District.   http://www.ebparks.org/parks/arden.htm

Ardilla Group Camp
Reservable group campsite in Del Valle Regional Park.

Ark Pre-School & Child Care
Private school in Livermore.
4161 East Ave, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 447-8279.

Arlington Park
El Cerrito city park at 1120 Arlington Blvd.  Tel: (510) 234-9631.

See also Neil Armstrong School, Neil Armstrong School Park.

Armstrong University
2222 Harold Way, Berkeley CA 94704.  Tel: (510) 848-2500.

Arrowhead Marsh
"Arrowhead-shaped" marsh extending into San Leandro Bay between Airport Channel and San Leandro Creek. Thought to have been formed by debris washed downstream when winter rains washed out Anthony Chabot's first attempt at a dam to create Lake Chabot. Access from shoreline entrance on Swan Way between Doolittle Dr & Pardee Dr. There are a parking lot, restrooms, picnic facilities, and elevated viewing structure at the end of the road. The marsh is a wildlife sanctuary. From the water it can be approached closely only in canoes or kayaks. From land, you can take a boardwalk a short distance from shore to observe endangered California Clapper Rails and other wildlife. In 1998, an area of landfill along San Leandro Creek toward Swan Way was restored to saltwater marsh (see Erstwhile Marsh).
Birding by Richmond, p. 103.

Arrowhead Marsh Trail
Paved multiuse trail in Martin Luther King Jr Regional Shoreline, extending from mouth of Elmhurst Creek past Arrowhead Marsh and along the east edge of Airport Channel.

Arrowsmith Academy
Private college preparatory school in Berkeley.
2300 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA 94704.  Tel: (510) 540-0440.   http://www.arrowsmith.org/

Mt. Diablo Trail Map  H-7.
Picnic area on South Gate Rd near Rock City in Mt. Diablo State Park.

Arroyo Agua Caliente
Creek originating on south slopes of Mission Peak and flowing westward to vanish into the storm drains of Fremont. Once flowed into Coyote Creek via Mud Slough. The name ("Hot Water Creek") comes from the fact that the flow from the Warm Springs hot springs goes into this creek.

Arroyo Agua Caliente Park
Fremont city park at Paseo Padre Pky & Parkmeadow Dr.

Arroyo Agua Fria
DeLorme Northern California  p.115  A-6 (as "Agua Fria Creek"). 
Originates on west slope of ridge between Monument Peak and Mount Allison, and flows generally westward, passing through Fremont near Warren Ave in storm sewers to empty into Coyote Creek via Mud Slough.

Arroyo de la Laguna
Modern equivalent of the creek that drained Tulare Lake on the site of modern Pleasanton. Formed by junction of Arroyo del Valle and Alamo Canal just west of the Alameda County Fairgrounds. Flows southsoutheastward and southward into Alameda Creek not far south of Sunol.

Arroyo del Cerro
DeLorme Northern California  p.105  A-6.  Mount Diablo Trail Map  E-4.
Creek flowing from north side of Long Ridge in Mt. Diablo State Park westnorthwest into Pine Creek.

Arroyo del Hambre Creek
Creek flowing from northwest of intersection of Stone Valley Ct and Stonehurst Dr southwest of Martinez close to Alhambra Valley Rd and into Alhambra Creek. This name ("Hunger Creek") originally applied to all of Alhambra Creek.

Arroyo de los Coches
DeLorme Northern California  p.115  A-6. 
Originates in the hills east of Milpitas and flows generally westward into Berryessa Creek (once turned more northward and flowed into Penitencia Creek not far south of Calera Creek).

Arroyo del Valle
Originates northeast of Mount Hamilton in Santa Clara County. Flows generally northward and northwestward through Lake Del Valle and south of Livermore to Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area, then westward through Pleasanton to join Alamo Canal and become Arroyo de la Laguna. Also called Arroyo Valle.

Arroyo Flats
Picnic site in Garin Regional Park.

Arroyo High School
Public high school in San Lorenzo.
15701 Lorenzo Ave, San Lorenzo CA 94580.  Tel: (510) 317-4000.  Fax: (510) 278-9067.
San Lorenzo Unified School District.
Grounds include park area maintained by Hayward Area Recreation and Park District with lawns, swim center, restrooms, and parking.

Arroyo la Laguna
Once carried overflow from Lake Elizabeth southward into the wetlands around the mouth of Coyote Creek. Now entirely vanished into the storm drains of Fremont.

Arroyo Las Positas
DeLorme Northern California  p.106  C-1. 
Creek flowing from near Altamont Pass west through Livermore and into Arroyo Mocho Canal (once Arroyo Mocho Creek). The two creeks once emptied into Tulare Lake, where Pleasanton is today.

Arroyo Mocho
DeLorme Northern California  p.106  CD-1. 
Flows from extreme northeastern Santa Clara County northward and northwestward along Mines Road and through Livermore, becoming Arroyo Mocho Canal. The Spanish word mocho refers to something that is "cut off," in reference to the fact that the original creek vanished without flowing into another stream.

Arroyo Mocho
Reservable picnic site in Del Valle Regional Park.

Arroyo Mocho Canal
Lower course of Arroyo Mocho west of Livermore, flowing in an engineered channel through Pleasanton into Alamo Canal (the creek once flowed into Tulare Lake during very wet weather).

Arroyo Mocho Elementary School
Public elementary school in Livermore.
1040 Florence Rd, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 606-3444.   http://www.lvjusd.k12.ca.us/Schools/Mocho/mocho.html  or
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.

Arroyo Park
Union City city park on Quarry Lakes Dr or Clover St.

Arroyo Seco
DeLorme Northern California  p.106  C-1. 
Flows from north of Crane Ridge northwestward through Livermore into Arroyo Las Positas.

Arroyo Seco Elementary School
Public elementary school in Livermore.
5280 Irene Way, Livermore CA 94550.  Tel: (925) 606-4700.   http://www.lvjusd.k12.ca.us/Schools/Seco/seco.html
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District.

Arroyo Trail
East Bay Hills Northern Trail Map  E-6.
Hiking/equestrian trail in southern Tilden Regional Park, extending from near South Park Dr to Seaview Trail.

Arroyo Valle
See Arroyo del Valle.

Arroyo Viejo Creek
Drains area from Leona Heights Regional Open Space (Rifle Range Branch) through Sequoyah Country Club (Country Club Branch) to Knowland Park in the southeastern part of Oakland, flowing generally west through Holy Redeemer College and Arroyo Viejo Recreation Area to become an engineered channel near Hegenberger Expy that empies into Damon Slough. Much of the upper course of the creek and its branches in the hills remains relatively natural.

Arroyo Viejo Recreation Area
Oakland city recreation area at 7701 Krause Ave.  Tel: (510) 615-5755.

Artist Point
Mt. Diablo Trail Map  GH-7.
Reservable group picnic site off South Gate Rd at Rock City in Mt. Diablo State Park.

Arts Magnet
See Berkeley Arts Magnet.

Arts Magnet School
Public elementary school in Oakland.
5263 Broadway Ter, Oakland CA 94618.  Tel: (510) 879-1580.
Oakland Unified School District.

Ashby Place Park
Small Berkeley city park at Ashby Ave & Ashby Pl.

Neighborhood east of San Leandro and south of Chabot Regional Park, bounded on the south by Hwy 238 (or San Lorenzo Creek) and on the east by Castro Valley (the dividing line is roughly along Crest Ave and Rolando Ave), in unincorporated Alameda County. An agricultural area until after World War II, then developed extensively with apartments, which now are targeted for redevelopment.
Ashland Community Association meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Ashland Hall, 16490 Kent Ave, San Lorenzo CA 94580.

Ashland Park
Park in Ashland at 1530 167th Ave.
Picnic facilities, play area, lawns, parking, community center with meeting rooms, rest rooms.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.

Ash Street Park
Newark city park at south end of Ash St.

Atchison Village Park
Richmond city park at W Bissel St & Curry St.

Athan Downs
San Ramon city park at Hwy 680 & Montevideo Dr.

Athenian School
Private school in Diablo with grades 6 through 12.
"The only coeducational college preparatory day and boarding school in the San Francisco Bay Area."
2100 Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd, Diablo CA 94506.  Tel: (925) 837-5375.   http://www.athenian.org/

Athol Plaza
Oakland city park at Lakeshore Ave & Foothill Blvd.

Atlantic Plaza
Shopping center at Railroad Ave & Atlantic Ave in Pittsburg.

Augustin-Bernal Park
Pleasanton city park at Longview Dr & Longview Ln, adjacent to Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

August L Schilling Elementary School
See Schilling Elementary School.

Avenue Terrace Park
Oakland city park at Bennett Pl & Guido St.

DeLorme Northern California  p.95  D-5. 
Unincorporated "town" in Contra Costa County southwest of Port Chicago.
Access on Waterfront Rd.

Ayers Elementary School
Public elementary school in Concord.
5120 Myrtle Dr, Concord CA 94521.  Tel: (925) 682-7686.
Mt Diablo Unified School District.

Ayers Ranch
Unincorporated town in Contra Costa County between Concord and the Concord Naval Weapons Station, around the intersection of Laurel Dr & Ayers Rd.

Azevada Elementary School
Public elementary school in Fremont.
39450 Royal Palm Dr, Fremont CA 94538.  Tel: (510) 657-3900.
Fremont Unified School District.
Named for Joseph Azevada.

Azeveda Park
Fremont city park at Royal Palm Dr & Diamond Head Ln.